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How to Talk About Hybrid Work in Your Job Ads

Posted by Staffing Advisors on October 11, 2022

As many wrestle with return-to-office practices, defining what hybrid work means in your organization is essential. If you stop at how many days on-site, you’re missing an opportunity to attract great employees. When we talk to candidates, they want to know more than where they will work and when—they want to know how you will support them and your long- and short-term plans. Here are some suggestions to communicate the real value behind the words, “We’re hybrid.”

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A Modern Approach to Diversity Recruiting

Posted by Bob Corlett on May 20, 2020

Most of our clients effectively made the transition to remote work, but that transition revealed a few skill gaps on their teams that were not obvious before. Our clients always shared our deep commitment to diversity recruiting, but that commitment is deeper now. Everyone is learning that turbulent times require wiser and more creative solutions, and that kind of creativity emerges from teams of smart people with a diversity of lived experiences. Research shows that teams get smarter when they include members from outside of your traditional networks. The new challenges you face may be unfamiliar to you, but less daunting to someone from a different background and divergent way of thinking.

Unsurprisingly, when you want your organization to think differently, you need to recruit differently. Old approaches fail in new environments, so a more modern approach to diversity recruiting is necessary, one that adapts to the current environment.

We never relied on the most common (and most superficial) approaches to diversity recruiting, such as posting ads on diversity job boards. We know from experience that those ads are rarely seen by candidates and do little to expand the candidate pool. Similarly, we don’t rely on asking candidates “Who do you know who would like this job?” Both of those approaches can be far too insular and invariably exclude some very well-qualified candidates.

We recommend a data-driven recruiting process designed to adapt to current job market conditions and recruit a diverse slate of candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. Times like these demand an agile methodology, or a “Moneyball” approach to recruiting. We believe that modern recruiting should follow the same principles of an integrated marketing campaign. There is the message, a careful consideration of the audience for your message, a variety of message delivery mechanisms, and a feedback loop to determine if the right people saw the message and acted on it. (We outline our own agile methodology here.)

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How to Write Job Descriptions that Attract Top Performers

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 6, 2017

It's easy to copy a job description from another organization. But posting a job advertisement that looks like every other employer won't help you hire someone terrific.

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Do Job Descriptions Grow Around People, or Do People Grow Around Job Descriptions?

Posted by Bob Corlett on August 24, 2016

The Problem

Far too many employers get tangled up in defining their job descriptions. In particular, one common mistake is the belief that if one person had a particular set of skills, more people like them must exist. In other words, your star employee Karen had a particular set of skills, so there must be "another Karen" out there in the market---someone that could perfectly fit the Karen-shaped hole she left behind.

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Defining Business Outcomes: The Critical Linchpin in Successful Recruiting

Posted by Bob Corlett on June 30, 2016

Some executives mistakenly think of hiring as an HR function. But hiring cannot be thought of as solely an HR issue, as something separate from the "real work" of the department. Whenever a new hire fails to make a significant business impact, it is a business problem.

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4 Hiring Process Questions That Improve Employee Retention

Posted by Bob Corlett on June 16, 2016

HR professionals often treat recruiting separately from employee engagement and retention, but recruiting and retention are two sides of the same coin, with the same basic ingredients. The right recruiting practices can also "bake in" long term employee engagement and retention.

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Better Job Descriptions: The Overlooked Hiring Process Step That Improves Your Business Outcomes

Posted by Bob Corlett on May 26, 2016

The only reason to hire is to achieve a business impact. Your hiring efforts should shorten the distance between having a job opening and hiring someone who makes a big impact. The first step on the path toward business impact is attracting the right candidates. In all likelihood, most job seekers first impression of your company will be your job description. But most job descriptions actually get in the way of your hiring and recruiting efforts.

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3 Reasons Your Recruiting Process is 15 Years Behind the Times

Posted by Bob Corlett on May 18, 2016

Do you use a smart phone? Read restaurant reviews on Yelp? Search for things on Google? Of course you do. Today, Google, mobile devices, and reputation sites are just part of your day. But 15 years ago, smartphones and reputation sites didn’t even exist, and Google was still largely unknown.  Unfortunately, the recruiting practices at most organizations are trapped in a time warp. Most HR teams recruit about the same way they did in 1999. But these now-familiar technologies have fundamentally changed your behavior...and the behavior of your current and future employees.

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How Bad Glassdoor Reviews Affect Job Advertising Response Rates

Posted by Mitch Corlett on May 11, 2016

With the rise of employer reputation sites like Glassdoor, overwhelming dread has overcome HR and senior leadership -- a feeling of Glassdoor Angst. Anonymous reviewers are publicly posting "insider information" outside of management’s control.  In 2014, most CEOs we spoke with didn’t seem to know or care about Glassdoor. But now more than half of the CEOs we speak with mention their Glassdoor reviews in our first meeting.

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3 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make With Job Descriptions and Postings

Posted by Mitch Corlett on May 6, 2016

Every time a dull job description is posted as a job advertisement, your hiring process is already headed down the wrong path. The language used in most job descriptions actually prevents candidates from understanding your job. This slows down your hiring process, wastes your time by interviewing the wrong people, and creates unmet expectations which can lead to high employee turnover.

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