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Benchmark Reports

Association Marketing Manager: Position Benchmark Reports

Posted by Mitch Corlett on June 10, 2015

When faced with a stack of resumes, what’s the best way to differentiate the top performers from their peers?

Based upon hundreds of interviews with hiring managers and candidates, this Position Benchmark Report will help you identify the factors that are most likely to drive performance in a role like this.

What does a typical association Marketing Manager role look like in this market? 

As digital delivery and engagement become more and more central to marketing efforts, technical skills are increasingly critical for Marketing professionals. To stay on the cutting edge of marketing developments, candidates need to stay connected to the way people are using the internet and social media as well as adept at leveraging digital media and digital marketing tools.

It’s important to note that marketing positions often attract strong candidates from outside the association sector, giving you a bit more reach than some other positions might have.


What should you expect to see from a Top Performer?

Employers usually tell us they want to see some combination of the following from candidates (note that hiring requirements vary widely and are unique to each employer's situation):

  1. Does the candidate understand your organization’s strategy and business objectives? Can they comfortably sit in a room with decision-makers to listen and garner information? Do they have the confidence to make recommendations and suggestions to their manager?
  2. Are they regularly coordinating across departments? Do they work collaboratively with internal stakeholders -- holding meetings, giving feedback? Do they identify opportunities to cross-market products, publications, new subscriptions, training, job boards?
  3. Are they making decisions on how to leverage technology -- direct mail, banners, social media, video? Do they have input on where and how to deliver the message to create buzz? Are they trying different things?
  4. Do they know how to repurpose existing materials to better target your market (e.g., convert mail to email to video)? Have they updated marketing pieces to optimize new technologies?
  5. Have they used audience analysis and market segmentation to inform marketing plan for targeted programs? Have they developed and tracked surveys? Done market research?
  6. Are they running pieces of marketing campaigns on your own? Are they crafting messages?
  7. Are they a strong writer? Are they entrusted as the keeper of templates and styles? Branding? Are they a stickler for paying attention to the details?
  8. Do they work with graphic designers and other outside vendors? Do they proofread vendors' work?
  9. Can they manage the day-to-day administrative pieces? Do they work autonomously?


What are they key factors that distinguish Top Performers from their peers?

To step into a position as a Marketing Manager, candidates must be keeping pace with advances in digital marketing. They must be expert at leveraging technology to analyze and track impact and results. Hiring managers are looking for someone who can grow into the role, so their career progression should demonstrate their ability to take on more and more responsibility. They should have a portfolio to share.

So, as a hiring manager, what can you do to make hiring more personal?

How can you get the attention of top candidates? As the job market tightens and recruiting becomes more challenging, how can you update your hiring process so you are not trapped in the land before time? How can you organize your recruiting efforts to appeal to the most selective people?

Most job advertising budgets are wasted on ineffective ads that don't reach the right people. Effective job postings attract the right people for the right reasons, so you spend your time interviewing people who will fit into your culture and stay long enough to deliver results.

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How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract Great Candidates

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