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Benchmark Reports

Association Director of Marketing: Position Benchmark Reports

Posted by Mitch Corlett on June 10, 2015

When faced with a stack of resumes, what's the best way to differentiate the top performers from their peers?

Based upon hundreds of interviews with hiring managers and candidates, this Position Benchmark Report will help you identify the factors that are most likely to drive performance in a role like this.

What does a typical association Director of Marketing role look like in this market? What should you expect to see from a Top Performer?

Employers usually tell us they want to see some combination of the following from candidates (note that hiring requirements vary widely and are unique to each employer’s situation):

  1. Does the candidate work directly with senior leadership? Do they come to the table with creative ideas and inventive plans to advance the objectives of the strategic plan? Are they comfortable working with all levels of an organization? Volunteers and committees?
  2. Have they developed a campaign from the ground up? Did they envision the infrastructure, develop the strategy, make the plan, and drive it across internal departments? Did they have the structure and tools in place to measure outcomes from launch?
  3. Do they develop strategy and apply integrated marketing techniques to build and maintain their organization’s brand and identity? Do they guide leadership and internal staff in the development of coordinated messaging strategies to support branding?
  4. Do they lead initiatives across the organization to drive results? Do they have a track record of spearheading successful campaigns and programs with measurable outcomes? Are they generating qualified leads?
  5. Are they conducting relevant market research? Learning about the competition? Do they know how to put a good survey together? Conduct online research? Assemble a focus group? Do they analyze and incorporate the data to inform their campaigns’ strategy?
  6. Are they developing and executing strategies to build their organization’s brand and extend its reach and visibility? To promote its offerings?
  7. Are they making presentations to the executive team and the board to acquire buy-in for your marketing proposals? Do they proactively provide guidance and updates?
  8. Do they develop and manage a marketing operating budget? Can they lead a small team (or manage as a team of one) to accomplish big outcomes with limited budget? Are they resourceful and creative in leveraging resources at hand to make big impacts?
  9. Are they using technology to create processes, improve efficiency, and shape the message and experience you deliver? Have they integrated digital delivery tools such as web and mobile marketing apps, interactive ads, and personalization? Have they designed and launched online marketing campaigns?
  10. Do they have experience leveraging databases for data mining? For targeting messages?


What are they key factors that distinguish Top Performers from their peers?

The most common reason candidates do not move forward in this kind of role is because they are perceived as not having proven success at conceptualizing, strategizing, and implementing a range of marketing campaigns to support the organization’s strategic goals.

Exceptional candidates must also be practiced at presenting to executive leaders and the board. They must be able to adequately frame and sell a marketing proposal, communicating the strategy, targets, and forecasted outcomes.

So, as a hiring manager, what can you do to make hiring more personal?

How can you get the attention of top candidates? As the job market tightens and recruiting becomes more challenging, how can you update your hiring process so you are not trapped in the land before time? How can you organize your recruiting efforts to appeal to the most selective people?

Most job advertising budgets are wasted on ineffective ads that don't reach the right people. Effective job postings attract the right people for the right reasons, so you spend your time interviewing people who will fit into your culture and stay long enough to deliver results.

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