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Case Studies

Revamping Hiring for a Professional Services Firm

Posted by Mitch Corlett on June 4, 2015

The Situation

Our client is a fast-growing professional services firm with an award-winning work environment and strong company culture. Long before they engaged us, our client was using a rigorous hiring process that helped them winnow down the candidates they received from job advertising. Their home-grown hiring process was quite effective at helping them save time interviewing, and had a fairly good track record at predicting who would fit in with the unique company culture.

As the firm grew, it became significantly harder to find highly qualified candidates. Job advertising was increasingly ineffective. Hiring had become the primary obstacle to company growth. The firm engaged Staffing Advisors to assist with the recruiting effort.

Our Analysis

We dramatically accelerated the recruiting effort, quickly helping the firm hire more than ten people. But we soon realized that simply recruiting more people would not be a complete solution. The firm's home grown hiring process was inadvertently limiting their hiring options. Some candidates found the process off-putting, some candidates took other jobs during long delays between interview steps, and most disturbingly, nearly half of the potentially qualified people were ruled out of consideration based on incorrect (and previously unexamined) assumptions.

The firm was pleased with their homegrown hiring process. By definition, everyone in the firm had “passed” the screening process, so there was strong institutional interest in maintaining it. The process was perceived to be vital in preserving the company culture. Until we began to analyze the problem, everyone who was screened out was essentially “invisible.” Our analysis helped the firm visualize the costs and understand the limitations of their screening approach. The long term solution to accelerating the firm's growth was to expand the candidate pool while maintaining the high standards that had built the firm's reputation.

The Result Of Our Work

Staffing Advisors revamped the candidate screening process to be attractive to a broader range of candidates, while maintaining the rigor and cultural values of the original process. As a result, hiring is no longer an obstacle to company growth, and the strong company culture has been maintained.