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How 'December Thinking' sabotages your hiring and performance goals for next year

Posted by Bob Corlett on December 3, 2013

When you are understaffed and overworked, you must ruthlessly prioritize where to spend your precious time. And in December, any task (such as recruiting) that does not directly impact a customer or your year-end performance goals often waits.

For many people, December is a wonderful time of year … to defer work until January. In every meeting you can hear the sweet, sweet lure of “procrast-action” (procrastination disguised as action).

Busy executives sagely intone, “We’ll get on that right after the holidays,” and the more aggressive and muscular form of procrast-action, “Let’s set a meeting to tackle that in early January.”

Right now, all that “December Thinking” feels good. It feels like you are clearing the decks, prioritizing wisely, and only delaying some less important tasks by a week or two. That’s just good management, right?

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