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Employers trying to understand the ABC's of the ACA

Posted by Bob Corlett on September 24, 2013

As the market improves, we're seeing a trend emerge among job seekers. People are analyzing job offers like a bank examiner audits a bank. Every detail of the benefit plan is being reviewed in exacting detail, and employers with poor benefit plans are seeing more of their job offers rejected.

After years of enduring small raises and after being asked to shoulder an increasing share of the cost of their own benefits, candidates are now keen to understand the true value of a potential employer's benefit contributions.

To get perspective on what employers should do, I sat down with three of the smartest benefit consultants I know, Trudie Doudna, Deborah Berman and Lynne Pettey of Keller Benefit Services. Keller Benefits manages benefits for nearly 400 employers, including my firm.

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Topics: Human Resources