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Job Ads and Missed Connections

Posted by Bob Corlett on April 30, 2013

Brooke, the HR executive at Venus Sprockets Corporation was rushing to post the new opening. She went to all the usual places, Craigslist, The Washington Post, and a few niche job boards. She’d been a loyal customer of those sites for years, so she no longer put much thought into where to post.

Meanwhile, Brooke’s perfect candidate was just beginning to think about looking for a new job. Mitch worked for Brooke’s biggest competitor, the Mars Corporation. Mitch was on the fast track. He was frequently given the toughest assignments and he liked it that way. But today, he had just walked out of a meeting where his exciting new project was delayed due to budget cuts. Bored, irritated, and partly out of spite, he grabbed his smart phone and went online to explore other jobs.

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Topics: Job Advertising