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Why job seekers ignore your job advertising

Posted by Bob Corlett on April 8, 2013

I was speaking with a human resources executive a few weeks ago. She told me, "The hiring manager is eager to get his new position posted. He figures if we can post it on Monday, he can be interviewing the following week."
Yeah, we had a good laugh about that.

If you have an important job to fill, you need to understand that candidates are not anticipating your every move. No, they are just as busy as you are, living their own lives. Highly qualified people are not breathlessly waiting, resume in hand, willing to drop their work and come meet with you, solely on the strength of your fascinating job advertisement.

In fact, research consistently shows that only 18 percent of currently working people ever respond to job advertising. The vast majority of people will never see your job ad. No matter where it is posted.

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