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Small Employer Recruiting Challenges

Posted by Bob Corlett on March 5, 2013

As you might expect, LinkedIn does some research on job seeker behavior. And their findings are pretty interesting.

22% of fully-employed people are not open to new opportunities. 16% are not actively looking, but network with friends about jobs. 44% are open to considering jobs, but only when someone contacts them first (typically a recruiter).

Only 18% are applying to job postings.

job ads

OK, small employers. If you run ads, you can at least hope to get some good people in that 18% ... right?

Well, as I mentioned in my last post on this topic, your job ads aren't doing as much good as you thought they were. If you are not on Indeed, and if you are not mobile friendly, and if you are not easy to apply to, that 18% gets whittled down pretty fast. Your job ads are only giving you a tiny fraction of the 18% now.


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