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How Does Your Recruiting Stack Up Against My Local Turkey Farm?

Posted by Bob Corlett on November 20, 2012

My Thanksgiving turkey this year will come from a farm ten miles away from my house. (I love local food, but I also like simplicity--I pre-ordered it online). When I first heard about the turkey farm, I did not drive there, I Googled it. Right below their website was a Yelp review.  (Yelp reviews turkey farms ... who knew?) I saw the 5 star ratings and I placed my order in moments. Easy peasy.

So how does your recruiting process stack up against my local turkey farm?

When one of your employees refers someone, how easy is it for them to apply? As in, "Hey Fred, you should come work with me at ACME Anvil." So Fred says, "Thanks Barney, I'll check it out." And Fred goes online and finds a really dull job description on the company website, and a lousy review posted on Glassdoor, and an Applicant Tracking System that will take at least an hour to complete. I bet my local turkey farm has a better online reputation and offers a better user experience than most employers.

The growing importance of online comments and increasing visibility of reputations is what I call the Amazonification of Recruiting. And that's the topic of my post in The HR Examiner today. In my post I share the online reputations of two local staffing firms. (Yelp reviews staffing firms now ... who knew?) One firm looks great.

But the other firm gets cooked.

Topics: Employer Reputation, Job Advertising