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How to make your next job better than your current job

Posted by Bob Corlett on September 17, 2012

After another grinding day on the job you say, “It’s time to update my resume and get the heck out of here.” So grab your old resume, paste in your current job, and send it out to positions advertised on the job boards.
Full stop. Don’t do this.

Some people write their resume to emphasize the job responsibilities that consume most of their time. Other people emphasize the skills they think are most marketable. But if you want your next job to be better than your current job, you need to be more strategic about what you put in, and what you leave out of your resume. So, before you write that resume, let’s take a look at why you want to leave your current job. Often it’s because you are doing work that is no longer personally rewarding.

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Topics: Career Advice, Job Search Strategies