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Get Your Own Yardstick to Beat Your CFO (In An Argument, That Is)

Posted by Bob Corlett on May 1, 2012


This is a tale of two HR leaders, pre-recession.

Frank had just become head of recruiting at a major customer service organization. Employee turnover was epidemic, recruiting consisted of "post and pray" job advertising, the company spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on outside staffing agencies, interviewing was wildly inconsistent and most managers bypassed HR on hiring matters.

Frank was good at what he did though. He tamed the unruly hiring process, rebuilt his internal team with skilled recruiters, and managed to cut turnover in half. Managers began to trust HR again, fees paid to outside agencies plunged, and Frank finally had time to put some metrics in place that went beyond just looking at turnover. He wanted to measure how his department contributed to overall company success. Then the recession hit, and Frank’s team and his recruiting budget was slashed, and then slashed again. His metrics project was shelved, and with no metrics in place, Frank was powerless as the CFO treated his department budget as a piggybank - the place to make the deepest cuts in the organization.

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