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Do You Really Know Who Exactly You Are Driving Away?

Posted by Bob Corlett on March 23, 2012

"If they can't be flexible to a schedule change, I don't want them working here." The hiring manager was emphatic as he changed his interview schedule for the second time.

When the manager proposed a new interview time of tomorrow, he said "If they don't get back to me quickly, they must not be that interested in the job."

When the manager further insisted on requiring three hours of online skills testing, he said "If they are afraid of a little testing, their skills probably aren't very good." (Yes, you guessed it, they had never used these tests before).

In behaving this way, the manager was absolutely convinced that  he was protecting his company from hiring brittle, inflexible, incompetent twits.

In fact, his behavior was actually driving away people who expect to be treated with courtesy, people with other good employment options, and people who are better at doing work than taking arbitrary tests.

Before you ask a candidate to jump through hoops, stop and ask yourself if Emily Post would find your behavior gracious and respectful.

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