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What to do After the Interview

Posted by Bob Corlett on February 23, 2012

I never ask candidates how they think they did in an interview because they never know. Last week a good friend told me she "totally BOMBED" an interview.  Six days later she was called back for the second interview. I've talked to people who told me the opposite, they NAILED the interview, when I know they were ruled out.

As the candidate you never know 90% of why an employer will make a hiring decision ... and you never will.

We've posted lots of articles on how to network for a job, set up your LinkedIn profile,  prepare for an interview and answer interview questions, but perhaps the toughest part of the interview process is what happens afterwards.

When you are waiting

and waiting

and waiting to hear back from the employer.

What do you do with that time?

I suggest you get busy with something else. Look for another job, or go work out, or read a book. But do not spend a moment thinking about what it would be like to have that new job ... because it is pointless and destructive to your well-being.  After the interview, the factors that influence whether you get the job are out of your hands.  Was there an inside candidate, did they want someone with different experience than you have, did they like someone else better...all of that is out of your hands and impossible to know. And since it is out of your control, move on with other things, and let the chips fall where they may. By not obsessing over the job, you put yourself in a much better frame of mind no matter what the employer decides.

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