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How to tell if Recruiting talk is Real

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on November 22, 2011

Recruiters always make you a million promises, tell you a thousand good things about the company, and try to convince you it's the best place in the world. Of course they do - they want you to work for them! But can you really trust everything they say? How do you know what is really true versus what is exaggerated? Business consultant Jesse Lyn Stoner wrote a great post on how to tell if an organization is really values-driven.

Here are five quick ways to investigate:

  1. Do they employees remember what the core values are?
  2. Can the employees use real life examples that reinforce the values?
  3. Are the values shown first and forefront in business decisions?
  4. Does the PR talk match experiences you've had as a customer?
  5. What were your personal experiences with them? Your impressions?

Topics: Working with Recruiters as a Candidate, Job Interview Preparation