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They Are All New Jobs Now

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 17, 2011

When a client engages us for a search, we always ask "Is this a new position or a replacement?" And this used to be a meaningful distinction. We would learn how much of the position was being invented on the fly, and how much was set in stone. But that distinction is less relevant now--they are ALL "new" jobs now.

Almost every job now requires the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Knowledge workers must become "insight workers" as Megan Erickson observed in BigThink. She makes some excellent points:

Where the knowledge worker knows how to manage an office, an insight worker understands how and why the business works. While a knowledge worker networks, an insight worker builds authentic relationships with his or her coworkers and clients.

Anyone can be a brain. What takes real talent is being able to create meaningful solutions and uplift people. It is grace under fire, not competitiveness, that will win every time in the chaotic workplaces of the future. Insight workers are "not just accountable for accumulating knowledge, but for real problem solving, for the ability to work laterally across boundaries, either alone or in collaboration with others.”

This change has already happened. The only question is how soon your recruiting process will adapt to it.

Topics: Writing Job Descriptions, Job Advertising