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Do Your Company Research Before the Interview

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on July 28, 2011

Want to avoid your hiring manager's biggest pet peeve?  Do your research on the company before you set foot in an interview.  Hiring managers get frustrated by candidates who don't know the company, its mission, products, history, competitors, strategic goals or big news stories.

Karen Siwak, at Resume Confidential, says "Jobseekers, there is no excuse."  And not knowing how to research the company isn't a valid excuse either, because Karen gives us 15 great tips for how to look up many aspects of the company.  (You can also read Bob's advice for researching your boss on Linkedin).

Here are five great ones:

  1. "Read everything you possibly can on the company website." Toggle around all of the different tabs.
  2. "Google the company name" - Who knows what articles you might find?!
  3. "Toggle on the NEWS tab" of Google - Look for press releases, financial reports, etc. over various time frames.
  4. "Search the company name together with the title of your target position."
  5. "Use www.glassdoor.com to research the company culture."

Topics: Job Search Strategies, Job Interview Preparation