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Four Topics to Avoid in your Cover Letter

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on December 9, 2009

Cover letters are important. They’re a chance to show an employer how you’re different from other jobseekers in your field. They’re a way to showcase your communication skills. They’re the employer’s first impression of you.  There’s lots of potential for either consideration or rejection via your cover letter. So let’s take advice from Jerome Young’s 4 topics to avoid in your cover letter:

  1. Salary Requirement. This should come in later, after you’ve interviewed. If the employer asks, give a vague answer instead of an actual figure.
  2. Why You’re Looking. It doesn’t add anything to your appeal. Lots of people are looking; it doesn’t really matter why (But if you have a compelling reason, you can use it during interview).
  3. Desperation. No employer wants someone who really “needs” any job they can find. We rule out candidates if they apply for all 12 of our jobs. It’s not attractive. Show confidence; not desperation.
  4. Common Terms. This is your chance to stick out! So don’t use the typical “I’m hardworking and results oriented.” Everybody says that. Say something different.

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