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Why Employers Need to Stop Asking for Salary History, Right Now

Posted by Bob Corlett on April 24, 2017

When Applying for Jobs, Do You Have to Do Everything Employers Ask For?

Posted by Mitch Corlett on October 31, 2013

Employers ask for a lot of things - cover letters, salary histories, desired salary, first-born son…the list goes on. But do you have to comply with all those requests, every single time?

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Determining Salary for a New Hire? Think Like a Compensation Pro

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 21, 2013

Salary negotiations with top performers are a pivotal time in the hiring process. As an employer, it’s easy to forget that the candidate is not yet one of your employees. You can create or destroy trust, and set the tone for your entire employment relationship by how skillfully you negotiate salary. Sadly, salary negotiations are also where hiring managers risk snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Job seekers now have access to credible salary information, so you need to assume they know the market for their skills as well, or better than the hiring manager.

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Negotiating a salary? Here's how to level the playing field

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 1, 2013

Do your palms start to sweat when you think about asking for a raise? What about when you have to negotiate salary on a job offer? How do you know what salary to ask for? What are other employers paying for someone with your skills?

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Beware of Salary Surveys When You Negotiate

Posted by Bob Corlett on January 18, 2013

When you are asking for a raise, or applying for a new job, it's often helpful to know the typical pay rate for your job function and geographic location. Some employers choose to pay a bit above or below the "going rate", but it's helpful to have a base line. has done a nice job branding themselves as a good resources for job seekers, but can you rely on it?

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How to handle the 'desired salary' question when you apply for a job online

Posted by Bob Corlett on August 20, 2012

Recently, I wrote about how to discuss your salary requirements in a cover letter. A reader emailed me because he was regularly encountering the “desired salary” question even when he applied for positions online. He said, “All the consulting jobs I'm applying for now have a required box in the application page in which only accepts a numeric response to the ’Salary Desired’ question. I don't want to be hemmed in by a number for which I'm by definition going to low ball---but I also want the job. Any advice?”

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How to answer: What are your salary requirements?

Posted by Bob Corlett on August 6, 2012

A reader emailed me to ask, “What should I do when a job advertisement asks for my salary requirements?” She had not even been selected for an interview, and yet here they were, asking her to submit this personal information before she would even be considered.

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Making a Job Offer? Don't Make This Mistake

Posted by Bob Corlett on April 13, 2012

Client emails me and says "Hey, I want to offer the job to Kathy, but I only have her salary on her past two jobs, can you get her salary from the company before that? That would be helpful to arrive at a fair compensation package for both her and us."

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Working with a Search Firm: Interview Etiquette

Posted by Bob Corlett on March 26, 2012

One of our most popular posts was on "How to Introduce Yourself to a Search Firm." But what happens when you have already been contacted by a search firm and are going on an interview with one of their clients?

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Hot Career Sectors

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on December 21, 2011

A recent post focused on how you should follow your natural skills and interests to land your next job. But even though you shouldn't choose your job based on money, it is interesting to see which industries are doing well (and paying well!) in this still-grim economy - especially relevant during this holiday season.

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