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How to Think Strategically About Your Career for the New Year

Posted by Mitch Corlett on December 19, 2013

With New Years' fast approaching, you may be thinking about those pesky resolutions. If one of them is to make a change in your career, but you're struggling to come up with an achievable, fulfilling resolution, here's a few of our favorite ideas to help get that Resolution Engine running again:

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Is your Job Different than you Expected? Change How You Interview.

Posted by Mitch Corlett on July 2, 2013

A recent Glassdoor survey found what you probably already know...often the reality of a job differs from what you expected. If you've been burned before, here are a few ways that you can do a better job of knowing what you are getting into:

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Five Career Lessons You'll Need to Learn

Posted by Bob Corlett on May 21, 2013

When you're starting your career, it's easy to think the path will be straightforward: You'll find jobs that interest you, you’ll work hard, and you’ll be rewarded for it. But it's rarely that simple, says Alison Green, writing for Money.US “Along the way, you're going to learn some tough lessons about your career.”  She provides five of the hardest career lessons, among them:

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A Step By Step Guide to Landing Your Dream Job (Part Two)

Posted by Bob Corlett on November 19, 2012

For most people, job hunting is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and haphazard. It's really common for people to accept a mediocre job offer simply because they couldn't bear the thought of one more day of job hunting.

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Being Digitally Approachable in Your Job Search

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 14, 2012

A Step By Step Guide to Landing Your Dream Job (Part One)

Posted by Bob Corlett on September 24, 2012

If you haven't looked for a job recently, you might find that a few things have changed. Slapping together a resume and shotgunning it out to positions you saw posted online will usually result in ... nothing at all. Really. Don't bother.

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Advice to Graduates: “Lean In” to your Careers

Posted by Bob Corlett on June 6, 2011

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave the commencement address this year at Barnard College.

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Launch Your Job Search

Posted by Bob Corlett on November 16, 2010

Before you write your resume and launch your job search campaign, Billie Sucher thinks there are 10 questions you should consider carefully.  I urge you to read her post, the questions are great.

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How College Grads Should Reach out to Potential Contacts

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on April 1, 2010

So you just graduated college, and the work world looks like a scary place.  There are tons of companies out there that you think may be a good next step for you, but you’re not sure how to approach them.  Maybe you’re nervous, unprepared and scared of rejection.  What should you say?  When should you call?  How do you seem interested without seeming demanding? How do you contact them without being pushy and annoying?  Well Molly Fletcher gives us some great tips about when and how to contact those strangers. Here are a few:

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Even Executives Need Twitter

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on March 5, 2010

Whether you’re an administrative assistant or Chief Executive Officer, you should be using more than just old-fashioned paper resumes and one job board. So if your job search is not yielding the results you want, try these other online job strategies. Executive Career Brand’s Meg Guiseppi advised her COO friend to use them in his job search. You should too:

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