3 ways toxic managers are taxing your organization

Posted by Bob Corlett on December 3, 2015

Imagine if a vengeful IRS agent could levy three hefty new taxes against you -- taxes that apply only to your organization. You would mobilize everything you had to fight it.

But a handful of toxic managers in your organization do this every day.

The "toxic manager tax" has the same effect as polluter fines or carbon emissions tax -- money off the bottom line.

The first toxic manager tax bill arrives in the form of poor performance from the team. The cost of this tax is easy to calculate once you understand that toxic managers usually blame the employees for everything.

To calculate your tax bill, listen to the sum total of complaints a manager has about the employees in the department, and add up their reported underperformance (as reported by the manager). The resulting cost is your "poor performance tax."

The second tax bill is a bit less obvious. It works on the same principle as the first one (that employees are always to blame). But it happens so slowly that you scarcely notice it.

This is the "employee turnover tax."

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