Shifting Blame And Ducking Hiring Risk

Posted by Bob Corlett on October 29, 2015

Hiring is the single riskiest responsibility for most managers. It’s a no-win scenario requiring a perfect storm of unfamiliar skills.

Hiring requires:

  • Making a public commitment to a strategic business goal. Scary.
  • Determining what few critical skills actually drive business impact. Challenging.
  • Determining career profiles that might qualify someone to do the work. Hard.
  • Accurately assessing someone else’s skills. Very difficult.

Ultimately, hiring decisions are held to an absurd standard of success. Oh joy.

So faced with significant personal risk, most managers try to spread the risk around a little. A panel interview here, a pre-employment test there...but that’s as useful as putting out fire with gasoline.

The three keys to hiring with certainty are: market research, competition, and choice.

  1. Organizing the recruiting effort as market research provides hiring managers with the ability to rigorously compare candidates against their peer group.
  2. Have at least six well-qualified candidates in the interview process, because managers tend to adjust their hiring standards up or down depending on the size of the candidate pool.
  3. You are far more likely to make a great hiring decision when you have a choice of at least two final candidates at the end of the search process.

To learn more about reducing hiring risk, read the full post in The HR Examiner.

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