What’s the problem you love to solve?

Posted by Bob Corlett on December 10, 2012

If you show me a tough accounting problem, the blood drains from my head, a wave of stupid washes over me, and I lunge for the nearest cup of coffee before I slip into a coma. But if you show me a thorny, complex staffing problem, I’m fascinated and eager to engage. Energized, I’ll pelt you with questions to learn more. And if I learn that you’ve had the staffing problem for a decade, I’m even more enthralled.

I show no curiosity and strikingly little ability to learn new things in accounting, but I can’t seem to learn enough about subjects that interest me. Naturally this means that normal people find my bookshelves unutterably dull. I spend countless hours reading everything I can get my hands on about staffing, leadership, productivity and economics. (Seriously it might qualify as an addiction-- there is not a single work of fiction … or anything on accounting.)

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