The Amazonification of Recruiting

Posted by Bob Corlett on November 20, 2012


Judy Chudars runs one of my favorite staffing firms in DC. Her client service is impeccable. Consequently, she has attracted an intensely loyal stable of client companies who have standards as high as her own. But Washington is a big city, so Judy may be loved by a few, but she is still totally unknown to many. Every day she competes with the big-box national staffing firms who spend more on marketing than they do on internal staff training.

But all those big-box marketing platitudes don’t generate value for customers. Wading through the boastful claims only extracts value (time) from the reader. Nobody selects a staffing firm because they have a great tagline or brochure. No, in staffing, your candidates are your brand to the client company; and your client companies are your brand to the candidates.

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Topics: Hiring Managers, Recruiting On Your Own