Hot Career Sectors

Posted by Brooke Lockhart on December 21, 2011

A recent post focused on how you should follow your natural skills and interests to land your next job. But even though you shouldn't choose your job based on money, it is interesting to see which industries are doing well (and paying well!) in this still-grim economy - especially relevant during this holiday season.

Many of the high-paying careers listed from the study are positions that require a bachelors degree (or higher?) and very skilled expertise.

So which jobs pay best after three or four years of experience?

  • Mechanical Engineer - $73,200
  • Software Developer - $82,400
  • Electrical Engineer - $84,700
  • Web Developer - $60,900
  • Financial Advisor - $93,900
  • Employment Recruiter - $55,400
  • Construction Estimator - $67,400
  • Project Engineer, Construction - $69,200
  • Manufacturing Engineer - $73,900

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